The Best Gaming Mouse Under $50

By Adapt1ve

April 26, 2020

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A good gaming mouse does not have to break the bank. PC Gamers can find the perfect tool for clicking foreheads, spamming heals, and commanding massive armies without having to spend close to 100 dollars.

These “cheaper” mice have competitive senors, great DPI ratings, and the functionality demanded by PC gamers. If you are new to PC gaming and looking for an entry-level mouse then I have put together a list for you.

Many of these mice might be the last mouse you need to purchase. They might lack some features of higher-end mice, and if you want to see the best pc gaming mice on the market we also have an article for that.

It is possible to find a budget mouse with wireless connectivity, tons of buttons, amazing sensors, and even customizable grips. Keep reading and find the best mouse for under $50 for you.

The Top 6 Best Gaming Mice For Under $50

1. Best Choice: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Ahh, the venerable DeathAdder. The DeathAdder was the first gaming mouse I ever owned. I loved the aesthetic and that pulsing green glow. I was hooked the moment I saw it in Best Buy. I admit I have been a member of the Razer Cult ever since.

These days, the DeathAdder has RGB powered by Chroma and a 16,000 DPI sensor. This is a more powerful mouse than my original version. But the design hasn’t changed since 2006. And there is a reason for that.

This mouse feels great in the hand, with its ergonomic design. The rubber grips on each side make lifting the mouse easy to help with those flick shots. The DeathAdder has a resolution accuracy of 99.4% and its switches have a 50-million click life.

This mouse has 7 buttons. The location of these buttons is great. You have 2 extra buttons behind the mouse wheel and 2 thumb buttons. They are large and have space so that you can easily tell which one you are about to press.

Not only are these switches durable but they are sensitive. Designed by Omron, these switches click the moment you put any pressure on them. Fast, accurate, and responsive combined with the price makes the Razer DeathAdder the best mouse you can buy if budget is your concern.

This mouse is also lightweight, it weighs 96 grams and is easy to glide across a mouse surface.

Now, the DeathAdder is not without its faults. It is a full-sized mouse designed for a palm grip, so users with smaller hands or that favor a claw or finger grip might not like how it feels.

The 7 buttons on this mouse mean are not enough for hardcore MMO players. Those games demand lots of hotkeys and a quick way to access your hero’s abilities.

These small grievances aside, this is a mouse that used to retail for around 80 dollars, that you can routinely find on Amazon for under 30. Get this mouse you won’t regret it.

Key Specs

  • 16,000 DPI
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • 96 Grams
  • RGB Chroma


  • A Comfortable palm grip face clicker
  • A proven design that hasn’t changed since 2006
  • Accurate sensor
  • Well placed and responsive buttons


  • Not good for MMO games
  • Small hands might have an issue using this mouse

2. Premium Pick: SteelSeries Sensei 310

Everything I said about the Razer DeathAdder is true about the Sensei 310. SteelSeries’ Sensei 310 could be considered the premium upgrade.

Yes the DPI is 12,000 vs 16,000 but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the sensor. This is an eSports grade mouse. The sensor allows for true 1 to 1 tracking. This means your mouse and the cursor will be in concert.

The Rival achieves this due to the sensor being built with Pixart, an industry leader in smart sensor technology. This is an eSports quality mouse in a price range that almost anyone can afford.

The sensor is also more accurate with the lowest jitter of any mouse in this price range. This mouse is used by eSports professionals in FPS and MOBA games. This is among the most accurate sensors to be put in a mouse that won’t break the budget.

“I win because I work hard to be the best, and I need gear that can keep up. I’ve been winning LAN’s using a prototype of the Sensei 310 since early this year. When I’m finished with it, it will have won millions.” – Syad “Suma1L” Hassan, Professional Dota 2 player on Evil Geniuses.

The Sensei is comfortable to use and features an ergonomic grip. This mouse works for both palm and claw grip players. At 88.3 grams this mouse is not quite lightweight but it comes close and can easily be used for hours of gaming.

6 customizable buttons mean that you will be able to set this mouse up for most of your gaming applications. However, MOBA and MMO players may find the lack of buttons a burden when compared to other mice.

Speaking of the buttons, the side buttons are nice. They are large and have a nice spacer so you can tell which button your thumb is on easily.

Key Specs

  • True 1 to 1 tracking
  • Silicon Grips
  • 88.3 grams
  • 6 customizable buttons


  • One of the best sensors for a mouse at this price point
  • Side buttons feel are large and feel great
  • eSports mouse at a budget price


  • Same problem as the DeathAdder but with 1 less button. MMO players might want to look further down this list.

3. Best Value Gaming Mouse: Corsair Glaive RGB (Renewed)

Corsair’s Glaive is a great mouse that makes this list as the value pick. When evaluating a mouse for the value I look at that does this mouse offers me in terms of features.

We are putting a renewed mouse in this slot because of the functionality. It could be said, that you could get any expensive mouse renewed and

The Glaive grants the user the ability to chose which grip best suits them. It has onboard macro storage and a precise 16,000 DPI sensor. The mouse also can detect the type of surface it’s on and calibrates itself automatically to work on it.

This is the mouse that will work for you at home when you are clicking on the foreheads and away on your laptop. All of its settings get stored in the mouse so set up is only needed once.

The switches are made by Omron and are durable with a 50 million click rating. The 16,000 DPI optical sensor is adjustable in 1 DPI steps. Most mice are adjustable in increments of 10 or 100 DPI. This allows for precision sensor tuning.

The 18,000 DPI version of this mouse retails at almost $70. For 2000 DPI, that you won’t even notice, less you get access to a high-end mouse with high-end features.

This is another 6 buttons programmable mouse. Those buttons are well placed and easy to manage, My only gripe is I feel the back thumb button is a little too far back and I wish the thumb buttons were more forward on the Glaive.

Once again, users that require extra buttons will find the Glaive won’t quite do it for them. This is also a meaty mouse with a weight of 122 grams, so users with smaller hands might not like this mouse. However, this is a great mouse for large hands.

Key Specs

  • 16,000 DPI
  • On-Board Memory
  • Interchangeable Grips
  • 6 programmable keys
  • 122 grams


  • DPI adjustable in increments of 1
  • Designed for comfort and long gaming sessions
  • Settings are saved in the mouse so it can be used across multiple systems
  • Great for large hands
  • Chose from three grips


  • This is a heavy mouse
  • Corsair’s Software needs work
  • Thumb buttons could be more forward

4. Best For FPS: Logitech G502 Hero

Maybe this should have been the premium mouse. It was close but the Rival won due to its sensor. However, the G502 can easily be considered the best mouse on this list in terms of features and capability. If I receive enough comments maybe I will adjust its place on this list.

Either way, this is a beast mouse at a non-beastly price. The Hero sensor offers almost the same competitive edge as the Rival 310. This mouse is really good at helping you make those sniper shots.

This mouse even features a programmable sniper button. With a press, this button lowers your DPI and improves your accuracy. Called a sniper button because it is best used with scoped weapons where accuracy over the range is the difference between a headshot and a miss.

The G502 has 11 programmable buttons. This means this mouse is even good at MMO games. You can play any game with this mouse and play it well. This is also an adjustable mouse. It includes 5 3.6 gram weights so you can customize how heavy or light you want the 502 to be.

The button count is great, but, the button placement takes a moment to get used to. The thumb buttons are well placed and easy to use. However, there are two buttons on the left key that are accessed with your pointer finger.

I forget they are there and to me, it feels clunky to use them. This could be a personal issue but for me, this is the only real dray back of this mouse. Even if I do not use those 2 keys I still have access to 9 of them easily.

This is a mainstay face clicker that will keep you competitive and at the top of the killboard.

Key Specs

  • 11 customizable buttons
  • Hero 16k Sensor
  • Adjustable weight system
  • Rubber side grips


  • Sniper button
  • Highly customizable
  • Good for every game type
  • Crisp feeling mechanical buttons


  • Button placement can feel clunky at times.

5. Best Mouse for MMOs: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

20 freaking buttons. Logitech’s G600 is custom-built for one purpose. To give you more buttons than you could possibly need. This is the essential MMO mouse and it’s under $30. If you are the gamer that doesn’t play shooters or games that require fast flicks then this is a mouse you should be looking at.

The sensor of this mouse will take you up to 8200 DPI. While not quite good enough to perform at a high level in FPS games, this is more than enough to play RTS and MMO games with. But if you are looking at this mouse, you probably do not play FPS games anyway.

The G600 is comfortable in the hand and seems made for the long gaming sessions that come with being an MMO player. So let’s concentrate on what this mouse can do for your MMO game.

With the 12 button side panel, you can assign up to 12 actions on easy to access hotkeys. These keys are contoured to allow you to know what button you are pressing without having to look at the mouse. Granted, this will be after you have developed muscle memory.

The mouse can also store up to three memory profiles onboard so you can take your settings and macros with you if you play on more than one computer. Granted you will have to have Logitech’s software installed on both computers.

Key Specs

  • 20 keys rated for 20-million clicks
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • RGB backlighting
  • Onboard memory
  • 8200 DPI
  • 133 grams


  • 20 buttons mean you can bind whatever you need to your mouse
  • Easily take your settings between computers
  • Thumbpad is easy to access and is designed to reduce confusion and misclicks
  • Great for MMO players


  • Not good for FPS or games that require twitch gameplay
  • It’s a brick

6. Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $50: Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

A good wireless gaming mouse will normally be priced outside of the 50 dollar price range. However, Corsair has introduced the Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse.

You get a decent 10,000 DPI sensor paired with 60-hour battery life. The Harpoon utilizes Corsair’s slipstream technology. This allows your mouse inputs to be registered sub-1ms. This is virtually lag-free wireless gaming.

If you were to game for 10 hours a day every week you would need to charge this mouse once a week. If you game more than that then you can plug the mouse in and use it as a standard USB mouse.

Harpoon your enemy with 6 customizable buttons. This mouse is customizable for most shooters and games that do not require high button counts. AT 99 grams this mouse is lightweight and easy to pick up and set down thanks to its rubber grips.

You will be hard-pressed to find a wireless mouse that packs the features this one does at this price. If you are ready to cut that cord then get this mouse.

Key Specs

  • 10,000 DPI Sensor
  • 60-hour battery life
  • 6 Programmable Buttons


  • Wireless
  • Lightweight
  • Good for shooters on the go
  • Bluetooth capable


  • Not the best sensor
  • Limited buttons

Best Gaming Mice Under $50: Buying Guide


Looking for a mouse that will not empty your wallet can seem like a daunting task. If you have read the article this far then by now you should know that this simply is not the case.

There are plenty of mice on the market that are affordable and competitive. However, if these choices do not appeal to you then let me show you what you should look for when evaluating a budget mouse.

DPI: How Much do you need?

One of the first specs that you will see mice boast about is DPI. 10,000 DPI! 20,000 DPI, 346-million DPI! The truth is, you do not need a lot of DPI to effectively game. The higher the DPI of the mouse the more precise its sensor so a higher DPI value means a better sensor, so DPI is important but not as important as marketing would have you believe.

Let’s look at the streamer Shroud. He is known as the human aimbot and is one of the best FPS players in the world. According to ProSettings.net, Shroud plays Apex at a staggering 450 DPI.

Any mouseover 10,000 DPI is great for PC gaming, any sensor lower than that and you will start running into issues. Generally, you will want the best sensor you can afford.

Wired or Wireless: Which Mouse is Better?

Wireless mice have come a long way. Most of them use highspeed connections that virtually reduce wireless input lag. With a wireless mouse, you do not have to worry about any cords, and the freedom to just pick up and go is nice.

Like the same mouse for your home and a laptop computer? With a wireless mouse, you just have to pull it out of the back and plug in the receiver instead of messing with a tangle of wires on the go.

Another plus to wireless mice is there is no cord that can catch on something on your desk.

Wired mice on the other hand. They have no input lag. There is also no need to charge them, so you do not have to worry about the mouse dying in the middle of a match or game. Wired mice are also much cheaper.

A typical wired mouse is half the price of its wireless counterpart. Expensive technology goes into allowing you to game lag-free over a wireless device, and if you want that freedom you will have to pay for it. Unless, of course, you go with the Corsair Harpoon mentioned on this list.

Type of Mouse: Certain Mice for Certain Games

Not every mouse is optimal for every game. FPS games demand precise sensors, lightweight designs, and great liftoff detection. MMOs, on the other hand, do not need such powerful sensors and features, but they do prefer mice with lots of buttons and the ability to assign macros.

Look for a mouse that is best for the main type of game you play, unless you prefer to buy multiple mice. Or get an adaptable mouse. I have a Razer Naga Trinity as my main mouse for this reason. It allows me to change the side panel out for one that better suits the game I’m playing.

You can pick up one of these for only a little more than $50. But, it is beyond the cutoff price for this list so it only warrants a mention in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming mice worth it?



More buttons, higher DPI, precision sensors, extra buttons. Gaming mice are almost necessary for anyone that wants to game at a high level. You can use a regular mouse for gaming. You can also wear sandals in 6 inches of snow as well.

What is the best gaming mouse under $30?

The best mouse under 30 dollars was also selected as the best overall gaming mouse for under $50. Go with the Razer DeathAdder.

What is the best gaming mouse for Fortnite?

Fortnight is not a typical shooter. You need quick access to buttons to build cover. However, our choice for the best FPS mouse also works great for Fortnight. The G502 has 11 buttons and the hero sensor.

Wrap Up

Chose a mouse that works well for you. A mouse that works for the main type of game you play. Your chosen head clicker should also feel great in your hand. If you have been gaming for a while then you know those sessions can last hours.

Look for a mouse with good ergonomics. It is possible to find great mice at a great price. Hopefully, this list and buying guide has helped you. If it has then please comment and share!

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