What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

By Adapt1ve

May 18, 2020

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Shroud is a master at FPS games. He boasts almost inhuman reflexes and crazy levels of skill. Chances are that Shroud knows what makes a good First Person Shooter mouse.

In this article, I want to reveal the exact mouse Shroud uses and help you in your decision-making process to see if this mouse is right for you. I also want to offer you some competitive alternatives.

Just because a mouse is good for Shroud, does not mean it is good for you.

Things to consider when purchasing a FPS mouse

If you are looking for a competitive edge, then a normal computer mouse is going to harm you more then help you. 

When considering what mouse to buy, paying attention to already successful players is a great first step. Usually, professional players know that their gear pays a large part in their success.

However, there are some considerations when selecting a mouse. Factors such as weight, grip type, wired, wireless, and even cost can play a big role in your decision.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a mouse and then find out it doesn't fit your hand or is awkward for you to use.

Some mice are heavier, designed for people with bigger hands. Personally, I like a little heft to my mouse, it makes me feel more accurate.

A mouse also needs to fit how you grip your mouse.


  • Palm - The palm grip is the most popular type of mouse grip. You have rests on the mouse in a relaxed manner. If you feel your mouse on your palms as well as a majority of the surface of your fingers, then you use this type of grip.
  • Claw - This type of grip is exactly like it sounds. The heel of your hand rests on the mouse and your fingers are raised in a claw type fashion to that only the tips of your fingers are in contact with the mouse.
  • Tip - Tip grip refers to gripping your mouse with only your fingertips. These people tend to favor smaller and lighter mice. This is typically not an ideal way to play an FPS game since this grip style leads to erratic movement and less precise aiming. 

Price is another huge factor in your mouse buying decision. Typically you will be paying a premium price for premium features such as high DPI sensors and wireless capability.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you make an informed decision and elevate your game.

Shroud's Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports grade performance

This is the mouse that Shroud uses. The Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is simple in design. It is designed to do one thing and do it well. 

With the G Pro you have an amazingly accurate eSports grade sensor, multiple buttons, and this mouse is usable right and left handed.

This is the gaming mouse of a professional FPS player. This is the mouse Shroud uses. This is also the mouse that can help give you a competitive edge no matter what shooter you decide to play.

The G Pro Wireless and by extension the wired version (The G Pro Hero) made our list as the best FPS Mouse in our Top 10 Best PC Gaming Mice article.


  • Esports Grade Hero Sensor
  • Super Long Battery Life
  • 8 Customizable Buttons


  • Outside of the budget of some gamers
  • Side buttons are close to each other

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

Let's go over some technical specifications. The G Pro is ultra-light. This mouse weighs only 80 Gs. It is effortless to move across your mousepad as you place that sniper shot.


The G Pro features Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology. Lag-free wireless gameplay. That is important in a competitive setting. A wired mouse has a cord that can drag and become a distraction during intense battles.

Lightspeed allows for a 1ms report rate and overcomes the problems of latency than other wireless mice may have. What you do with your wireless mouse is translated lag-free to the screen. Just like a wired mouse, except no cord.


A problem with many wireless mice is short battery life. The G Pro has a 48-hour battery. This mouse can go 2 full days of constant use between charges. That is impressive.

Let's do some quick math. Your average game session is probably 4-6 hours. Hell, let's say you are a marathon gamer that puts in 10-hour sessions. Even at a ten-hour session, you need the charge this mouse every 4 days.

If you game a typical 4-6 hours a day, then it's maybe once a week. This mouse is ready to go when you are. Even if you do need to charge this mouse then you can plug it in and still use it as if it were its wired version.


16000k DPI with 10x the power efficiency of the previous generation optical sensors. Logitech's Hero Sensor is one of the most accurate and efficient sensors they have produced to date.

Here are some specs on just the sensor.

The Hero sensor features zero smoothing, acceleration, or filtering. Zero means where you move your mouse is where it moves on the screen. There is nothing but precise movement tracking with no artificial factors that influence where you want to click.

With 400+ IPS (inches per second) this sensor is more than accurate enough for competitive FPS play. When evaluating a first-person shooter mouse, the more IPS the sensor has the better performance you will have in Apex, COD, Fortnight, or whatever game you wish to frag in.


Have in a 10x improved power efficiency translates into requiring a smaller battery. In many wireless mice, the battery contributes to the overall weight of the device in a major way. 

The LiPo battery is ultra-light and long-lasting.

G Pro is constructed with a ladder-chassis design. Ladder-chassis design is typically associated with a type of car frame designed to withstand high-speed impacts.

This type of chassis allows Logitech to produce a durable head clicker with fewer materials. Fewer materials mean less weight. Less weight translates to quicker mouse movements and reaction times.

This allows the mouse shell to be as thin as 1 mm in some places, yet maintain durability. This mouse is rated for 250 km of use. This includes sensor life and structural integrity.


The G Pro Wireless is designed to fit almost every gamer's needs. This mouse can be used right or left-handed and comes with optional button covers. You can simply cover the buttons you do not use to prevent miss clicks.

However, each button on this mouse is also programmable. It is possible to make use of all 8 buttons on this mouse. It can be used out of the box with a default configuration. However, if you want to configure the buttons you will need to download Logitech's G Hub software.

There is also the matter of grip type. No worries here. The G Pro is comfortable for palm and claw grips. It is also light enough for fingertip grips. However, this mouse is full-size so fingertip grips might not be as comfortable for you as a smaller form factor mouse.

Some Buying Considerations

The Logitech G Pro is not cheap. This is a premium mouse designed for professionals gamers. If you are budget-minded then this mouse might be outside your budget. It will run you over $100 dollars.

Click here to see our recommendations on budget gaming mice.

The only other mark against this mouse is the side button placement. For those of us with bigger hands, the side buttons might be too close together. This could lead to misclicks. 

If you would like the same performance but a cheaper price you can consider the wired version. The G Pro Hero. This mouse features all the same specs at a sub 100 dollar price tag. However, you will have a cord, and two fewer buttons. This is also a right-handed mouse. Sorry to all the southpaws out there.

More FPS Mice Recommendations

The Logitech G Pro is one of the best, if not the best FPS mouse you can purchase. However, maybe this isn't the mouse you want. Here are some recommendations for other amazing first person shooter mice.


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